Police are looking for a homeless man accused of breaking into a Mankato home during the height of the September 20th storm and say he was caught red-handed by a relative of one of the people who lives at the house.

The homeowner asked his sister to go check on his house while he was at work, after hearing reports that several trees had fallen on homes during the heavy storm, and when the woman pulled up there was a strange vehicle in the driveway with two people sitting in it and a man standing at the side door.

The woman says 31-year-old Matthew Blanshan had a screwdriver in his hand and was jiggling it in the door frame. When she confronted him, Blanshan dropped the tool and claimed his cousin, the homeowner’s girlfriend, told him he could be at the home. He then drove away.

The girlfriend told investigators that she had never given Blanshan permission to enter the home and the home’s owner said he had, in fact, made Blanshan fully aware that he wasn’t welcome to visit.

A warrant has been issued for his arrest on charges of burglary and possession of burglary tools.