Next week is National Fire Prevention Week and the Mankato Fire Department has planned an open house on Sunday.

Deputy Director Jeff Bengtson said, “This year’s fire prevention week theme is Look, Listen, and Learn. The three points really are: look for hazards in your home and look for ways to prevent fires, listen for your smoke alarm when it goes off, and learn two ways out of your home or business.”

Bengtson said it’s definitely a kid-friendly event and, “We have fire apparatus that people can check out; we have fire gear that we help kids try on to see what it feels like and feel the weight of an air pack and things like that.”

One of the newer events is a live burn simulation and Bengtson explained, “We mock up a living room with a couch and end table and curtains and we’ll start a small fire in a wastepaper basket and show how that fire grows.”

The open house at the Public Safety Center on Front Street in downtown Mankato is Sunday from noon to 3:00 p.m.