A 43-year-old Mankato man is facing a long list of charges, many of them felonies, after his former girlfriend told police that he assaulted her several times this summer and violated an order of protection after it was put in place.

Among the instances, the criminal complaint shows Arlando Brown is accused of stabbing a filet knife into the couch inches from where the victim was sitting, hit her with a hard object, and going to the woman’s workplace and accused her of cheating because she was speaking with a coworker.

The woman also said Brown had a pistol and he told her that if she reported him to police he would shoot her. A gun was found in the home, and police say it had been reported stolen in North Mankato.

When Mankato Police interviewed the woman, the responding officer noted that she had injuries to her eyes.

Brown refused to give police a statement.

He’s charged with possession of a gun after being convicted of a violent crime, stalking, making threats of violence, two counts of kidnapping, false imprisonment, two domestic assault charges, and violating an order for protection.