The City of Mankato’s Insurance Services Offices rating was recently upgraded from three to two.

City officials say an ISO rating is important because it determines how well local fire service can protect homes and the community. More than 43,000 cities nationally receive an ISO rating, and only four percent rank “2” or better.

“Public Safety leadership is complimented on the upgrade of Mankato’s fire service ranking on pulling together programs, plans, and training to maximize full-time and part-time volunteers,” said City Manager Patrick Hentges. “Staff’s deployment of equipment is another strength of Mankato’s efforts. The city’s partnership with Blue Earth County’s 911 dispatch was significant to fire’s emergency communication response. In addition, city public works and utilities employees planning and expansion contributions were significant in improving water mains and systems. All have benefited Mankato’s elevated ranking.”

High ISO ratings—like Mankato’s — generally correlate with lower insurance premiums for property owners and Hentges explained that most insurers use rating information in deciding what prices to charge for personal or commercial property insurance.   Although there may not be much impact on homeowner’s insurance, he said it’s possible the improved ranking will significantly benefit commercial rates.

High ISO rating criteria include:

  • Adequate water supply to fight fires
  • Fire equipment is capable and of high performance
  • There is an adequate amount of highly-qualified firefighters to respond to a fire quickly
  • An effective emergency reporting and dispatching system

Although Mankato received a higher ISO ranking, Hentges expects continuous improvements in public safety services including expanded training for employees and volunteers and new resource deployment and scheduling. He added that all of that can help push ratings even higher and better positions public safety and community response to the ever-changing landscape of threats and hazards.

In addition to City of Mankato residents, public safety-fire provides service to Skyline.