A homeless man is accused of stealing a car from a Mankato couple he didn’t know, and then exhibiting strange behavior following his arrest.

Mankato Police say 38-year-old Jesse Pepper brought the car back to the owner not long after driving away in it, and “said something weird” to the man’s wife before walking away.

He was found not long after in a downtown alley and police say Pepper complied with police – but stated that he could smell radiation and wanted to cover his nose and mouth. The criminal complaint states that a glass pipe found in Pepper’s pocket tested positive for meth.

While still on the scene, the officer says Pepper made various comments about radiation being in the air, an atomic bomb being set off in Texas, and President Trump telling him to take the vehicle.

The victims told police the car failed to start that day and was left running in order to recharge the battery – and Pepper apparently drove off in it while they stepped into their house momentarily.

Upon returning the car, he apparently also told the victim’s wife that the vehicle smelled like radiation and it had been used to set off an atomic bomb in Texas.