Minnesota farmers took advantage of favorable weather early last week to make good progress on harvesting before rain moved into many areas.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture says the state’s corn harvest is 58 percent complete. That’s one week ahead of last year but equal to the five-year average. The USDA also said 87 percent of Minnesota’s soybean crop is harvested. That’s four days behind last year and one week behind the average.

Locally, Farm Management Analyst Kent Thiesse says between 75-95 percent of the soybeans, as well as 35-65 percent of the corn, depending on location across Southern Minnesota, has been harvested.

Overall, Thiesse says the reported soybean yields across Southern Minnesota have been highly variable, depending on drown-out or storm damage, as well as areas with continual excessive moisture during the growing season. He says 2018 corn yields across the region have also been highly variable, depending on planting date, the excessive rainfall during the growing season, and impacts from late-season storms.

One piece of good news for producers regarding the 2018 corn harvest has been the harvest moisture of the corn coming out of the field. Thiesse says most of the corn being harvested in South Central Minnesota in the past week has been at 18-23 percent moisture, meaning a reduced amount of additional drying is required before the corn is placed in on-farm bins for storage.