Mankato Police are searching for two people that robbed the SuperAmerica convenience store on Riverfront Drive early Friday morning.

Mankato Department of Public Safety Commander Matt DuRose.

Commander Matt DuRose said the robbery happened at about 1:20 a.m. after, “Two white males entered the store and demanded money from the employee, who cooperated with the males (and) turned over an unknown amount of money and property at this time – we’re still waiting to verify exactly what was taken and how much — but then the males fled on foot throughout the neighborhood there.”

DuRose said both men were armed and, “One male had a shotgun and one male was in possession of a knife. The shotgun has been recovered, so, that was found in the area and we can say that is no longer on the streets and not able to be used in any type of crime.”

Among the evidence gathered, DuRose explained that, “There’s surveillance that’s available. We’ll work to see if there is any other businesses or residences or any other surveillance in the area that might be of assistance.”

DuRose added that the department will release still shots of the video later in the day on Friday.