The countdown to the 10th-annual 24-hour online “Give to the Max Day” is here.

Executive Director Jake Blumberg explained that it is the state’s largest 24-hour online fundraising campaign for schools and non-profits and, “Our goal is always for as many donors to be as engaged as possible supporting as many organizations as possible…as many dollars possible.”

Blumberg said each year the 24-hour online day of giving, including to dozens of organizations in the greater Mankato area, continues to grow and, “Last year we set a record with nearly $21 million that were donated to over five thousand organizations. And our hope is we will continue to head that direction.”

Thursday’s event will be full of promotions marking the 10-year anniversary of the organization, and he added that from midnight to midnight every 10 minutes a golden ticket worth $500 will be given away, “Which means every ten minutes a donor’s generous gift will have the opportunity to have additionally have $500 added to it — to support their favorite non-profit or school.”

The event has topped the $20 million mark in each of the past two years.