The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is often one of the busiest nights for bars and restaurants, and also for county jails across the state.

Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott.

Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott said statistics show that crimes like drunk driving and domestic assaults go up during the holidays and its, “In some respects, one of the most dangerous nights of the year as well as is New Year’s Eve and St Patrick’s Day.”

While Thanksgiving is generally a time of happiness and time spent with family, McDermott said it can be stressful for some and that sometimes leads to an increase in certain crimes. “Any time we have holidays, yes, whenever there is stress involved we’ll see an uptick in certain areas,” he explained.

McDermott said that includes DWI, assault, and other crimes and, “We’re going to see some of the drunk and disorderlies; we’re going to see some of the domestics over the weekend.”

He adds that because Friday is also considered a holiday by the courts, anyone arrested is likely to spend a long weekend in jail.