A coalition of Twin Cities scientists is urging Governor Tim Walz to stop Line 3, the Enbridge Pipeline that would transport crude oil from Canada through Minnesota for international export.

“Governor Walz and Lt Gov Flanagan, Commissioner Kelly of the Department of Commerce, have all indicated that they would like to make decisions on LIne 3 that are based on data and science, we are here to stress that if human well being is our aim, then there is no field of scientific study or strong line of scientific evidence that can be used to support the construction of this pipeline,” said Dr. Christy Dolph, a water quality professor at the U of M.

Dolph added, ” Governor Walz campaigned on the strong belief that climate science is real and demands immediate action, that was his stated belief, but this statement is incompatible with anything other decommissioning the Line 3 pipeline. At this point in human history, is equivalent to climate science denial.”

House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt said the science behind Line 3 is crystal clear and, “We have an aging pipeline that is in desperate need of replacement, and pipelines are far and away the safest way to transport oil.”

Earlier this month Walz ordered the Commerce Department to review its court appeal to block the controversial $2.6 billion project. The appeal was started late last year under then-Governor Mark Dayton’s administration.