There have been hundreds of crashes statewide since the significant winter storm passed through much of the state Sunday night into Monday.

Minnesota State Patrol Sgt. Troy Christianson.

Minnesota State Trooper Troy Christianson said, “In Mankato, we were fairly busy yesterday. We had 17 vehicles off the road, three property damage crashes. Fortunately, we didn’t have any injury crashes here.”

Christianson said drivers, “Need to reduce their speed a little bit and be ready for slow travel the next few days with cold temperatures.” He also suggested that anyone who does have to venture out should be sure to have a full tank of gas, plenty of warm weather clothing, a cell phone charges, and drinking water in the vehicle.

Anyone that can stay home should, but Christianson said for those to have to travel there is another important tip to take to heart. “If you do go off the road or go in the ditch or your car stalls, you don’t want to get out of the vehicle. Just stay in your vehicle because it doesn’t take very long to get disoriented with blowing snow and it’s a lot easier for us to find people when they’re in their vehicle than when they’re walking down the shoulder.”