“It’s going to be lingering on here.”

Minnesota Department of Transportation District 7 Maintenance Engineer Jed Falgren said although road crews have finished mopping up from the Sunday-Monday winter storm, challenging road conditions could persist for several more days. “Today, it’s the blowing snow and the cold that are going to give us the greatest challenge,” he added.

Falgren explained that conditions are expected to be highly variable and, “You’re going to go from road conditions that are relatively dry and nice, maybe just a little bit of snow blowing over the top, and they’re going to be fine. But other areas where snow has maybe sat on the roadway and cars have compacted it, it’s developed some ice, you’re going to see what we often refer to as scattered slippery spots that will take drivers by surprise.”

Excessively cold temperatures are also expected to be problematic for drivers and Falgren cautioned, “It’s going to be very nasty and very unforgiving if there is an issue that occurs with your car. So, certainly make sure that you are following all of those safety tips. Have everything packed with you, lots of warm clothing, and do not leave your vehicle if you do become stranded.

Road conditions may not significantly improve until the temperatures warm and that is not expected until at least midday Thursday.