Police say a Searles man arrested late last week after his wife was found dead at their home told them he had taken her out of a nursing home and was having a “death party” for 69-year-old Debra Johnson.

58-year-old Duane Johnson is charged with criminal neglect in the death of his wife, as well as receiving stolen property.

Responding officers say 58-year-old Duane Johnson ran outside naked when they arrived, told them that his wife was dead, and that he needed to take a bath to wash off the white and black things coming from his skin.

Investigators found “Death Parde God Hell” spray-painted in red on the front door of the home and inside discovered Debra Johnson’s body at the top of a stairwell, wrapped in a sheet tied with a belt.

The criminal complaint shows that Johnson said his wife had died several hours earlier, after suffering convulsions and refusing to eat or drink.

Johnson admitted that the pair were taking methamphetamine and listening to rock music for days during their “death party.”

Several guns and a stockpile of ammunition were found in a search of the house, and police say many of the weapons were stolen.

Johnson is charged with criminal neglect and receiving stolen property.