The sports world is vast, with so many different people with different likes and skills making each sport unique. Competitions created to train and prove the capability to be part of a certain group, some developed sports can link back to early rituals and warfare turned entertainment. Lots of words basically saying, some sports are created out of necessity and then turned to entertainment.

Which brings me to a new sport, soon to be an Olympic activity for Minnesotans to excel at… SNOW SHOVELING!

Each match would consist of two-member teams using shovels to clear a determined length+width of a driveway with a set amount of snow. Teams would be scored on time, technique, and overall clearing of the driveway. Then mini-games could break out; snow throwing distance, snow stacking, de-icing, and maybe my favorite idea, shovel sprints! Imagine if you will this running just like a tractor pull, but instead, they are pushing the shovel down a course with more and more snow building up in front of the shovel, only to see who can make it the farthest before their feet spin out, or they get a shovel handle to the gut! Uffda!