After yet another significant snowfall, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is warning that some homeowners are adding to the problem by moving snow from the driveway to the road.

“Putting that snow back on the highway is not okay,” said District 7 Maintenance Engineer Jed Falgren, “We’ve got a couple of reports this morning of drivers moving snow from their driveways out onto the highway.” Minnesota law prohibits the placing of snow onto public roads, including the ditch and right-of-way along the roadway.

Falgren is also asking drivers to be careful around the plows while they work because, “We’re over 40 now in Minnesota for plows being hit.” It’s suggested drivers stay ten car-lengths back from the plow.

Speeds and overconfident drivers have led to several slide-offs and crashes on Tuesday and Falgren said even though the snow has wound down the roads are, “Still going to be icy even after we’ve plowed them and that’s going to be the state of the day. I’m afraid once this snow backs off we do expect winds to come back up. That’ll bring some snow back on the roads and may have a tendency to glaze things up also.”

He added that crews will likely spend the remainder of the week cleaning up intersections and moving snow.

With over 30 inches of snow just in the month of February, Falgren said they’ve used quite a bit of salt but added, “We prepare for snowmageddon,” and they are not in danger of running out.

“We’re in pretty good shape for salt. We’ve got a couple of bins we’ll be replenishing but all the stuff that we don’t have sitting our bins is actually sitting on the shores of the Mississippi over in Winona and LaCrosse and that will be coming back over our direction,” he explained.