South-central Minnesota lawmakers on either side of the aisle are backing a bill they said will solve the legislature’s habit of breaking the Minnesota Constitution.

Mankato D.F.L. State Representative Jack Considine.

D.F.L. State Representative Jack Considine of Mankato said he’s in favor of the proposal, “To strengthen the single-subject rule for our legislature.” The bill would put an initiative on the 2020 ballot asking voters to make legislators adhere to the single-subject clause, which limits each bill to one topic.

Republican State Representative Jeremy Munson of Lake Crystal.

Lake Crystal Republican Representative Jeremy Munson says 2018’s nearly 1,000-page budget bill is an extreme example of the way lawmakers frequently ignore the clause and, “Last year at the end of session there was a 989-page bill that landed on my desk with less than four hours left in session. There is no possible way a legislator can read that legislation, let alone know the impact on the citizens of Minnesota who are required to follow the laws that we pass.”

The ballot initiative would read: “Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to strengthen the requirement that enacted laws contain only one subject?”

The bill was introduced on Monday and referred to the House Government Operations committee.