Governor Tim Walz rolls out his two-year state budget plan on Tuesday.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz.

The governor has already floated proposals that would have significant impacts on major areas of the budget.

For more equity between school districts, he wants the state to pick up a greater share of the cost of E-12 education, meaning less reliance on property taxes. He also proposed free tuition at public colleges and universities for the first two years during his campaign.

Walz has pledged increases in state aid to cities and counties, and Republicans expect he’ll ask for $50 to $100 million dollars to finish work on the state’s troubled vehicle licensing and registration system, MN-LARS.

The governor has talked about permanent income tax reductions for middle-class Minnesotans, which Republicans might be receptive to, but has hinted businesses might have to make up the difference and that’s a plan GOP leaders said they would oppose.

Republican lawmakers are also strongly against one of the major planks in Walz’s budget platform, a gas tax increase.

“For the governor to meet all of his campaign promises, there would be huge spending increases,” said Senate Republican Majority Leader Paul Gazelka.