A true sign of just how much snow has fallen in the area; North Mankato has declared a snow emergency.

North Mankato City Administrator John Harrenstein.

“Residents will be asked to remove their cars from the road until the lanes are cleared,” said City Administrator John Harrenstein.

“It’s been at least ten years since a snow emergency was declared in the city and Harrenstein said, “This is a very unusual occurrence for North Mankato, we typically don’t declare them. The reason that we’re moving is, one, citizens have asked us to widen the roads and secondly, our plows can’t get through down on those narrow streets.” He added that public safety vehicle access is also a concern.

There are several options for people to park temporarily, to avoid the possibility that their vehicle will be towed. “The lots down on Belgrade, behind The Circle Inn and behind the Legion,” he explained, “There will be lots available on the very east side of Belgrade Avenue, there are lots at Spring Lake Park that will be opened up, lots at Wheeler Park as well.”

The snow emergency will be in place from 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday through 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, but Harrenstein said that once a street has been completely cleared residents can move their vehicle back to their usual parking spot.

He does caution that if the significant snowfall event predicted for this weekend comes to pass they may have to again declare a snow emergency.