A Mankato man is charged with malicious punishment of a child and two counts of domestic assault after the 36-year-old was accused of beating a 13-year-old unconscious in December and spitting a mouthful of chewed chips on her while she was lying on the floor.

A school social worker reported receiving an email from the student, saying that her father Bradley Suess dragged her off the bed and punched and kicked her several times. The message also said that Suess spat in her face and called her a, “Waste of oxygen.” The victim said she was unconscious for about 30 seconds.

In an interview, the Mankato Department of Public Safety says Suess admitted to hitting the teen in the face and spitting food on her.

Police asked that the 13-year-old be allowed to stay at her grandparents home but say Suess refused to give permission. Human services then removed the girl from the home.

Court documents show Suess has been convicted of assault three previous times – in 2001, 2007, and 2014.