A Lake Crystal Republican is speaking out against a proposal from Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, which would require all carbon-free energy generation in the state by 2050.

Representative Jeremy Munson said the plan won’t necessarily be better for the environment. “Democrats oppose certain types of energy because of the way it’s mined, extracted, or transported through pipelines,” he said, “But green energy has its own environmental and humanitarian impacts of its supply chain.”

“Solar panels are made overseas and use child and slave labor to mine, manufacture, and recycle solar panels,” he added.

Republican State Representative Jeremy Munson of Lake Crystal.

In addition, he said that wind turbines and electric car batteries, “Are just as ugly as traditional energy methods when you compare their supply chains side by side.”

Munson stressed that he’s not a climate change denier and is willing to have the conversation but, “The science, math, and economics prove that we cannot have a 100 percent renewable energy standard in Minnesota.