A 22-year-old North Mankato man is charged with driving under the influence, marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving after his license was revoked after he was found passed out at the wheel at the traffic light on Second and Mulberry Streets in Mankato.

Mankato Police received a call from a woman who reported she stopped behind Cody Carnahan’s vehicle at the intersection but when the light turned green the vehicle didn’t move even after she honked.

When she came back through the intersection about ten minutes later the witness told investigators the vehicle was still there and Carnahan appeared to be passed out.

The criminal complaint shows police arrived to find Carnahan with his chin on his chest and the engine running. When police were able to rouse him, he failed field sobriety tests and in a search of the vehicle, officers found one-hitter pipes and 1.4 grams of marijuana. Blood was drawn and sent to the BCA for testing.

Court records show Carnahan’s license was revoked after first a DWI test refusal in 2017 and another in 2018. In addition, officials say he has a pending DWI in Blue Earth County.