The NWS has released revised projections for the Minnesota River at Mankato and the city’s public works director says they are now in the action stage.

Officials say the projected crest will be in the neighborhood of 20-feet and could occur as early as Wednesday. 

At this time:

·         Gatewell X out by Mount Kato is closed

·         Gatewell I is closed and the Lake Street pumping station is activated

·         Gatewell J, L, and M are closed and the Indian Creek pumping station is activated

·         Gatewell C is closed and the Honeymead Station is activated

·         The Infrastructure Division continue 24-hour operations until the river is at/below 16-feet

On Sunday they expect to take additional steps that will include:

·         Close Land of Memories Park

·         18-feet; Activate the Warren Creek Station, Close Gate well N, P, and Q

·         18-feet; Close the trail between Sibley and Riverfront parks, place half of the stop logs in the trail opening on Main Street

 Staff will also be inspecting Kiwanis park to determine if the train between the park and West Lind Street is accessible. If it is not, it will also be closed.