The Mankato Department of Public Safety is asking people to avoid the 1400 block of North 5th Street amid a police standoff that began in the overnight hours. Not many details have been released.

Noelle Flugum lives in the neighborhood and said, “Me and my friends were just sitting there watching movies and all of a sudden I heard – like, we all heard – a huge bang. It sounded like a gunshot.”

“Me and my friend Kyle decided to call the police, and apparently we were the first ones to call in,” Noelle added, “And, so, the cops came. They came to our front door and asked what was going on. We told them what happened and they went to the house.”

She added that the situation was frightening. “Very scary. I’ve never experienced that before. It was just an all of a sudden thing. So unexpected,” Noelle explained.

Police at the scene say they don’t anticipate the situation to be resolved any time soon and cannot comment while the standoff remains ongoing but will provide more information when they are able.