The Minnesota Department of Transportation continues to battle through flooded roads in south-central Minnesota.

MnDOT District 7 Operations Manager Jed Falgren said several highways remained closed due to high water, including, ” Highway 93 south of Henderson, Highway 4 north of St. James, and Highway 30 east of Mapleton.”

Falgren is also warning drivers not to skirt the barricades and added, “I’m not sure I’d want to be in this cold water at any time. It’s a risk that’s just not worthy of taking, to drive around a barricade and drive into water that you have no idea how deep it might be. It doesn’t take much to sweep a car off the roadway.”

In addition to safety concerns, Falgren cautioned that it’s against state law — a misdemeanor, with a fine up to $1,000 and/or 90 days in jail.

“The reason for the fines, the reason for those things, is to provide an extra deterrent,” he said, “But, obviously, the kind of impact it can have on you and your family – that’s a pretty steep price to pay, too.”

Over the weekend, many MnDOT District 7 workers were asked to put in even more overtime to deal with another emerging spring problem. “A bevy of potholes all over. That’s also been a challenge for motorists and our crews, as well as the local crews that are out trying to stay out in front of those as much as they can,” he explained.

After a record February snowfall and several winter storms that have hit the region since the end of January, crews have put in a lot of overtime hours but Falgren said when they asked them, “Just to come back to work over the weekend and patch potholes it was amazing how many of them said yes.”