A couple from Waseca are facing charges after their 7-year-old adopted daughter was taken to the hospital following a seizure in September, and doctors discovered she weighed just over 28 pounds.

The child was flown to the Mayo Clinic Campus in Rochester for advanced care and physicians discovered a large amount of bruising, broken fingers, severe head injuries, a pelvic fracture and other wounds that the doctor described as the force equivalent of a car accident.

The criminal complaint shows the doctor added that the girl was severely malnourished, with the body weight of a two-year-old.

In a police interview, 38-year-old Keith and 35-year-old Katie Krause claimed the bruises were caused by falling from a bicycle and the head injury may have been caused by a fall in the shower. The couple adopted the child from China at the age of three, and Keth Krause also told investigators, “Chinese people bruise easier.”

The seven-year-old told child protection officials that she felt safe in her foster home and did not want to return to the Krause’s, and described punishments suffered there that included excessive exercise, cold showers, spanking that were sometimes performed with a wooden spoon, and one time running hot water over her arm until the girl’s skin peeled off.

Keith and Katie Krause have each been charged with felony child neglect.

Investigators add that the girl is recovering and gained 20 pounds in the first four months after she was taken to the hospital.