A St. Peter state lawmaker pulled off an April Fools prank on the floor of the Minnesota House on Monday.

In 1857, a bill was introduced to make St. Peter the Capitol of Minnesota, which had the approval of the governor, but DFL Representative Jeff Brand said one man took the legislation and hid out until the session ended to prevent it from passing…and St. Paul remained the capitol city.

“Since the legislation had been passed, there was a guy named “Jolly” Joe Rolette who stole the legislation,” he explained, “And he hid somewhere in St. Paul until after the legislature had (adjourned), therefore stopping the move from the banks of the Mississippi River to the banks of the Minnesota River.”

Brand the introduced a tongue-in-cheek resolution to, “In a bipartisan way, we move the capitol of Minnesota back to St. Peter – the rightful capitol city. Thank you. Also, happy April Fools Day.”

Brand’s full House floor speech: