President Trump covered his federal tax cuts and the economy during his visit to Nuss Trucking in Burnsville Monday.

“We lowered income tax rates across the board, right across the board over. 80% of the American families get a tax cut and the typical family earning $75,000 is saving more than $2000 of their income.”

Opponents of the president’s tax plan say it favors the very wealthy–and doesn’t do enough for the middle class.

The president says the economy is booming under his leadership but warned…

“These things don’t happen by accident and it can all go away very quickly. You put the wrong people in office everything that I’ve done and that we’ve done, we have some really tremendously talented people and everything we’ve done can be undone and bad, bad things can happen.”

Trump says he almost won in Minnesota in the 2016 election and believes he will carry the state in 2020.