Flood preparedness is a year-round effort for city of Mankato staff. City staff inspect the river wall and supporting pumping stations and monitor the river level on an as-needed basis. Once the river reaches high water levels, 24-hour dike walks are done to ensure continued safety for the public.

City of Mankato staff also closely observes any areas where there is standing water. When property or safety issues cause concern, respective areas are closed. Citizens are asked to call 507-387-8660 (24-hour service) if they see standing water.

Mankato has more than 10,000 sandbags available. City staff monitors if sandbags need to be filled for closures and on availability of pre-filled sandbags.

Learn more about ongoing flood control activities in Mankato, which include:

  • Maintenance of existing facilities and equipment including annual cleaning of storm drains and river outlets.
  • Inspection procedures.
  • Monitor river levels and trends.
  • Recognize hazards and risks.
  • Review recommended methods of construction and other technical information related to flood control.
  • Coordinate activities with other governmental units–cities and jurisdictions and organizations.

The city follows a list of activities, developed with officials from the Army Corp of Engineers, outlining what action will occur based upon the water level of the Minnesota River.