Republicans in the Minnesota House this afternoon (Thurs) asked for a vote on 13 million dollars in state help for deputy registrars hurt by ongoing problems with MN-LARS (the state’s vehicle registration system) — but Democrats said it must be part of negotiations on a transportation budget bill, which includes a gas tax increase.   House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler:

“Your energy on behalf of registrars could best be put to use in contacting Republican senators and urging them to begin negotiations with the House.”

Hanska Republican Paul Torkelson responds deputy registrars have been tolerating a “stupid system”:

“And now you’re gonna have to not only work with it for 16 more months and we’re gonna quit trying to make it better — you’re gonna have to work with all the work-arounds that are there — and train on a new system. And the legislature could do something about this today.   This body can do this today!”