The Blue Earth County Attorney’s Office is the fiscal host of the Child and Family Advocacy Center (CFAC), currently
supported by grant funds from the Minnesota Office of Justice Programs.

The CFAC, located within the Mayo Clinic Health System Mankato, will transition to a non-profit organization in the near future.
The CFAC provides a safe, neutral, child-friendly environment for children who experience trauma and violence.

The attorney’s office says, “We feel all who experience trauma and abuse have a right to be safe, to seek justice, and to heal. To help further the mission, the CFAC has recently received additional funding from the L & N Andreas Foundation.”

The L & N Andreas Foundation continues to support the future of our community by investing in kids. This will allow additional services to be provided to at-risk children and families to continue on the path towards healing. The additional funds will be used to retain the
services of a trauma-informed licensed mental health professional.

This will expand the number of services and the geographic reach of services the CFAC can provide to the region.
The CFAC has hired Julie Marthaler as the Executive Director, who will continue to build on the foundation and mission
of the CFAC. Julie has nearly 20 years of experience working with at-risk children and families across Minnesota. For the
past 6 years, she has been a Child Protection Specialist with Blue Earth County and a multi-disciplinary team member
with the CFAC.

Julie has spent more than a decade in community-based program development for justice and social-service involved
children, families, and victims. Her passion and vision for supporting children and families toward safety and healing is
the reason she’s excited to lead this organization. She worked in restorative justice program development in Yellow
Medicine County and with Southwest Health and Human Services to build programs to serve at-risk children and

In 2019 Julie was awarded the Professional Service Award from the Minnesota South Central Investigators Coalition for
her service, advocacy, and collaboration with law enforcement partners. Working at Yellow Medicine County the
restorative justice program received the Innovations in County Government Award from the Humphrey Institute, as well
as Association of Minnesota Counties Achievement Award recognizing innovations and improvements in county

A Child Advocacy Center is a safe, neutral, and child-friendly place for children and adolescents who have experienced
abuse, neglect, or who have witnessed a violent crime. The CFAC was established to provide children with a safe space
to tell their story and to only have to tell it once. In the past, victims often would be interviewed by multiple agencies, at different times, in different locations.

Thus, the individual would have to tell their story multiple times to different professionals.

Our multidisciplinary team approach brings all relevant professionals (human services, mental health experts, medical professionals, victim advocates, prosecution, and law enforcement) to the CFAC at the same time.

This allows the group to collaborate together as they watch the video of the interview at the same time.

10% of children experience sexual abuse before age 18.
15% of children experience abuse and/or neglect before 18.
30% of sexually abused children are abused by a family member.
90% of sexually abused children know the offender.
100% of all children are at risk for sexual abuse, regardless of ethnicity, gender, age, income, religion, or family structure