The Timberwolves were on the verge of becoming one of the most promising teams in the NBA with a roster full of young talent. Before free agency officially began June 30th at 5:00 pm, the Wolves were one of the frontrunners to snag one of the NBA’s budding talent’s, PG D’Angelo Russell of the Brooklyn Nets. The point guard had shown great interest in Minnesota and is close friends with Wolves’ big man Karl-Anthony Towns. After rumors began to spread that D’Angelo was almost a lock to come and play in Minnesota, dreams of Pick n’ Rolls between Towns and Russell started to fill the heads of Minnesota sports fans everywhere. But with all Minnesota sports, there is turmoil and disappointment soon to follow after high hopes. Just about 6 hours after free agency had started, news broke that the Warriors were showing interest in the rising star in Brooklyn. Shortly after it had been announced that the Warriors offered the point guard 117 million over 4 years to help fill the void of Kevin Durant’s departure. It’ll be interesting to see where the Wolves go from here, but for now, the Wolves’ fans must sit back and wait for the next glimpse of hope.

Intern Zach