Yes, the Twins owned an 11.5 game lead back on June 3 when they owned the best record in baseball at 41-16 and it was all good. Today, the Twins are sitting tied with the Cleveland Indians who have stormed back into the division to take 3/4 games in the recent weekend series against the Twins who are playing little over .500 ball right now. Starting pitcher Jake Odorizzi addressed that there is no panic in the Twins locker room as there are over 40 games remaining on the schedule and the good news is that the majority of those games are against the bottom feeders of the AL Central such as the White Sox, Tigers, and Royals who have no shot at the postseason and all sit with under .500 records. Compared with Cleveland who has a tougher schedule coming up a trip to both New York teams will be no easy task as the Yankees have never been easy to beat at home as the Mets have become one of the other hottest teams of the MLB winning 16 of their last 20 and recently winning 8 in a row. The Twins and Indians do not meet again until the first weekend of  September for a 3 game series at Target Field and then once again in Cleveland that next weekend. Then the Twins finish the season after that with their last 13 games against the white sox, royals, and tigers so they hope to catch as many wins as they can and ride into the postseason on a high note which is very doable. It will surely be a heated division race by the time October rolls around as the Twins hopefully get healthy with Michael Pineda, Byron Buxton and Nelson Cruz will be back at some point in September.


-Intern Andrew