Wednesday it was announced that Andrew Sendejo, safety, is back on the team!

On Tuesday, The Philidelphia Eagles released Andrew Sendejo. His season consisted of playing in nine games, one of which he started. So far, Sendejo completed one interception, which was during the Vikings vs. Eagles face off. On Wednesday it was announced the Vikings had picked up Sendejo through waivers.

Don’t let Sendejo’s time with the Eagles be an indicator of his ability. From 2015-2017, Sendejo started all forty of the games that he played. Five out of his seven career interceptions were with the Vikings. In 2015 and 17, Sendejo had fourteen pass breakups, contributing to the Vikings victory in the NFC North.

By gaining Sendejo, the Vikings did have to let go of rookie safety Marcus Epps. Epps didn’t stray too long. Thursday, the Eagles announced they had picked up Marcus Epps. This fills the empty spot in their roster left behind from Sendejo.



Intern Miah