NBA All-star weekend is finally over with numerous things that had happened over the weekend. The first thing you need to know is the change that was made for the NBA All-Star game. For many years, the All-Star game has always been a fun but lenient game, with many people noticing the poor defense and lack of effort on the court. Many have speculated that these actions are probably to avoid injuries and such. The new format was made in honor of Kobe Bryant, where the winning team would give more money to a certain non-proifit organization depending if they were in the lead during that quarter. Its a little complicated but if you click here, the link will offer more information that is needed. The All-Star game ended with Team Lebron winning with 157 against 155, with Anthony Davis scoring the winning free throw.

The second thing you need to know is the controversial results of the dunk contest. Many people feel that popular returning pick, Aaron Gordan should have won over Derrick Jones. Aaron Gordan had a great dunk, with him dunking over NBA Star Tacko Fall, who just happens to be 7’4″. Derrick Jones nearly got the win with one extra point more than Aaron Gordan, 48 over 47. The controversy here is that many people felt that Dwayne Wade was being a little biased by giving Derrick Jones (a teammate on the Miami Heat) a 10. Many people thought that it was either a tie or that Aaron Gordan should have won. Aaron said that he probably wouldn’t be participating in the dunk contest anymore.

The final thing is the new NBA All-Star award MVP award, had been changed to the Kobe Byrant MVP Award in honoring for the passing soon-to-be Hall of Famer. Kawhi Leonard was the winner of the Kobe Bryant Award with 30 points, 24 of those points were from the 3 point line.

– Intern Yin Tai


Taken by: Keith Allison

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