The NFL and the NFLPA have been negotiating a new CBA for the past couple weeks, and, if passed, would introduce some changes.

The new CBA would eventually increase the regular season to 17 games. The deal would also change the playoff format. In the proposed deal, the second seeds don’t receive a bye, and there are 6 total wildcard teams. The deal also limits the number of international games played. The number of training camp practices would decrease to 16. Rosters would increase from 53 to 55, with 48 being active on game day. Practice squads would also increase.

The deal also has benefits for the players. The revenue players receive increases from 47% to 48% with 16 games, and 48.5% with 17 games. The minimum salaries for rookies would increase by $100,000. The deal would also relax the penalties on marijuana use. A neutral party would handle player discipline for off-field incidents.

Many NFL stars, such as J.J. Watt, Russell Wilson, and Aaron Rodgers, have spoken out against the deal. These players believe that the benefits don’t make up for the risks of playing a 17th regular-season game. A majority vote among the near 2,000 NFL players is needed to ratify the deal.


Intern James