On Thursday, Febuarary 28, the NBA fined the Minnesota Timberwolves 25,000 $ for resting D’Angelo Russell. The NBA has a history of resting players, some of these cases include players like Kawhi Leonard and Lebron James, however they have rarely been fined. Many people feel that the NBA is pretty selective of how they may treat some the better teams and players, like how some of the best players never seem to get fined for sitting out. D’Angelo Russell sat out Febuarary 8th due to a quadriceps injury and soon after the NBA deemed him a healthy player. The Timberwolves wrote this in response to the fine.

“While we respect the league’s guidelines and standards, we are a player-centric organization that’s focused on learning and optimizing our players’ bodies,” the team said. ”As a new player in our program, we chose to rest D’Angelo in order to learn his body better and to optimize his health during a difficult stretch of games and travel”


– Intern Yin Tai