“I wish I could just run, with 7 feet, run and just dunk.”

“Like that takes no skill at all.”

“I’ve got to actually learn how to play basketball and how to have skill, you know? I’ll take that any day.” – James Harden 

This past Friday James Harden had an exclusive interview with Rachel Nichols, where he was to talk about the Houston Rockets new smaller roster and how their team would function with such a smaller team in terms of height. Rachel asked where did James Harden rank amongst the best players, in which he said that he was the best. The conversation soon leads to how the NBA has an MVP list on their website and how James Harden isn’t even in the top 5, even though he is the highest-scoring player currently in the NBA. Rachel comments then about how Giannis and Charles Barkley calls him a “dribbler” and not a passing point guard, in which he responds with how high his average is in assists versus Kemba Walker. Harden utters the three lines above indirectly towards Giannis who we are pretty sure he is referring to.

Giannis responded pretty quickly with his response with…

“It hasn’t been a back and forth. I’m not that type of guy, never try to take stabs at somebody. Maybe sometimes it might come out like that, but I’m definitely not. I’m just trying to do my job, which is win games and go back home to my family and my kid…. At the end of the day, if that’s what he believes, that’s what he believes.”

The two will meet each other again on March 25th.

– Intern Yin Tai

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