This NFL off-season has been filled with trades of many franchise favorites. Brady to Tampa, Diggs to Buffalo, and now, we finally have the answer of where Cam Newton is headed for the 2020-2021 season. The 2015 NFL MVP has officially signed a 1-year deal with the New England Patriots. Newton’s departure has been widely speculated ever since his former team, the Carolina Panthers, recruited Teddy Bridgewaters from the New Orleans Saints to be their new starting quarterback.

Despite the big move, it is not guaranteed that Newton will be the starting quarterback for the Patriots just yet. The 31-year-old has had many struggles with injuries to both his foot and shoulder within this last season. Additionally, he still needs to earn the spot over the four other quarterbacks on the Patriots’ roster. Despite the odds stacked up against him, a source has said that he has both passed a recent physical and that he is “hungrier than ever and eager for the next opportunity” (Source ESPN). Time will only tell whether or not the number-1 draft pick of 2011 will rise to the occasion and lead his new team to a winning season.