The NBA is finally back in action with a night full of passion. While the location and lack of fans may have differed from a typical season, the return of the National Basketball Association has provided many with a much needed sense of normalcy. The two games featured a 106-104 win for the Jazz over the Pelicans and 103-101 win for the Lakers over the Clippers. Prior to the start of the games, a powerful image of unity was displayed through players kneeling during the anthem. While this act has been met with both praise and criticism from fans and critics alike, the act showed a strong sense of solidarity throughout the league. Both games provided many highlights and exciting moments for the fans watching from home. In a word, the first night of the NBA’s return was impactful. Both on and off the court, players made their mark and have ushered in the start of (or continuation of) a special season that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Check out the top 5 plays of the night below!