Since it started in 2018, the Thielen Foundation has worked with sports programs to provide equipment and other necessities for athletes in Minnesota. The Foundation’s most recent focuses will be on Robbinsdale’s Cooper High School, the Northside Impact Fund, and Urban Ventures. Thielen and his wife Caitlyn’s Foundation will be donating a combination of $75,000 and equipment to the programs with hopes to bring some relief during these uncertain times. In the past, the Thielen Foundation has also provided donations to Minneapolis North High School, Above the Rim Foundation, as well as the Heritage Youth Sports Association.

Despite the positive press he has received from the Foundation, Thielen has made it clear that his intent is not to boost his public image. In an interview with the Star Tribune, Thielen noted that he wants “to make sure we do it right and actually make change, not just have a couple pictures and talk about it.” Additionally, he also stated that the foundation was made with the goal to “make big change through sport” by “providing these kids resources, opportunities to get out and learn some great things.” (Source: Star Tribune) Overall, it seems as if Adam has really used his platform for good and we can’t wait to follow him along the rest of his journey!

While pictures may not be Thielen’s purpose behind the foundation, we have provided an image of Thielen and his wife at a Thielen Foundation event at Scheels below!