It has been ten days since Alex Trebek’s passing and the loss of the television icon is still being felt by many. Trebek hosted the show Jeopardy! for 35 years and was adored by many. To honor the late icon, Adam Thielen wore custom-made cleats during the pregame of this week’s Monday Night Football game against the Chicago Bears. The cleats were designed and created by artist Dan “Mache” Gamache. Mache has made cleats for Thielen as well as many other NFL stars like Stefon Diggs and Jarvis Landry in the past and is well known for his custom creations. His newest cleats, worn by the star Vikings wide receiver, feature a portrait of Alex, a blue rectangle with “We will miss you, Alex” to resemble the screen used on Jeopardy!, as well as “Trebek” in place of Adidas. Additionally, the previously mentioned message of missing Alex was placed with a wager of $19,000, a cheeky play referencing both Jeopardy! as well as Thielen’s jersey number. The cleats seem to have been a good luck charm as Thielen then went on to score two touchdowns, helping the Vikings secure their fourth win of the season. The tribute was praised by many on Twitter with the Vikings’ placing their own wager of “Cool cleats for $2000.”

Check out the custom cleats below!