Four freshman D-F-L state senators want to eliminate state tax on Social Security benefits, while their incoming majority leader, Kari Dziedzic , says she has “deep concerns” about doing it.  Senators Grant Hauschild of Hermantown, Heather Gustafson from Vadnais Heights, Rob Kupec of Moorhead and Judy Seeberger from Afton point to Minnesota’s nearly 18-billion-dollar budget surplus.  Incoming House *Republican* Minority Leader Lisa Demuth wants the tax totally eliminated:

“Ending that tax on Social Security across the board is what we need to do.  It’s what we talked about on the campaign trail.”

Governor Tim Walz is talking about eliminating state tax on Social Security benefits for “a large number of Minnesotans” — however…

“I will not be proposing a tax cut for the wealthiest Minnesotans.  That’s not gonna happen.”