(This trending story just boiled my blood)

People on TikTok are encouraging us to stop giving our bosses a “two-week notice.”  When you’re ready to quit, just leave with ZERO notice.

Their argument is that companies don’t give YOU a two-week notice when you’re fired or laid off.  So why help THEM out, just so they have time to replace you. The hashtag “NoTwoWeekNotice” has been trending, and a lot of young people seem to be on board.  A few even claim they did it after the trend went viral. Is this a good point?  Or are we just getting more bitter and selfish?

The counterargument is you’re being a jerk for no reason.  Yes, it’s legal to quit and storm out whenever you want . . . not a new idea.  And if there’s a reason you can’t stay on for two weeks, fine.  But why burn a bridge if you don’t have to?

Some people DON’T want to leave their boss in a tough spot.  And companies do sometimes offer severance packages when you’re let go.  So it’s not like they always hang you out to dry. People supporting the trend might also regret it one day.  A lot of hiring managers check social media posts now, and might not want to hire someone who openly stuck it to their old boss.

My thought – STOP IT!  Everyone is so concerned about how they are being treated by others, but then neglects to treat anyone else with the same respect they demand for themselves. STOP IT!

Also, stop doing whatever TikTok says.