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Radio Mankato cordially invites Business Owners and Managers to attend the


Tickle the Toes. Touch the Heart. Change the Mind.

World Tour

“It’s not how good your business is, it’s how good you are at telling your business’ story.”

-Author and Brand Strategist Chuck Medford


  • How to stand out above all the noise
  • Proven lessons for growing your business through storytelling
  • Three F’s of storytelling: Fit, Feel, Faithful
  • Bonus: first 111 business owners receive a free copy of Chuck’s new Book!

More about Chuck:

World-renowned business strategist and best-selling author Chuck Mefford is bringing his branding expertise to Mankato in an exclusive workshop put on by Radio Mankato and Courtyard by Marriott Mankato.

Though he has worked with such Fortune 500 companies as Budweiser, Pizza Hut, John Deere, Domino’s and more, his heart lies in small businesses.

As one group said, “Hundreds of small businesses across America, Canada, and as far away as New Zealand and South Africa have sought out Chuck.”

die-hard Green Bay Packers fan (Vikings fans don’t hold that against him), Mefford “gets his kicks from turning good businesses into household names. Uncovering stories and building a brand strategy that connects businesses to consumers keeps the fire in his belly and makes his over 2 million frequent flyer points worth every mile.”

And he will bring that “fire” to you and show you how to create a dialed in, compelling brand message. He also explains how you can become the leader in your business category without spending more money.

Mefford will talk about how to eliminate confusion, connect with new customers and grow their business, as well as how to be concise, clear and compelling in their branding message.

If you are unable to attend this informative workshop, ask your Radio Mankato Representative to share Mefford’s workshop notes.