Robot Umpires Debut in Professional Baseball

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A computer is now being used to rule balls and strikes in professional baseball, The independent Atlantic League debuted a computer that works in tandem with a human umpire to make calls during the game. A computer system using a Doppler radar relays information about a pitch to an umpire wearing an earpiece. The technology did not appear to have any delay. However, the players took notice. "One time I already had caught the ball back from the catcher, and he signaled strike," said pitcher Daryl Thompson. The human umpires can overrule the computer. While the kinks may still be [...]

Struggling Twins’ and Rays’ Face Off Tonight

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The Minnesota Twins are coming off their worst week of baseball all season. They however still managed to get by with a 3-4 record. Tonight they start a three-game series against the Tampa Bay Rays who are also struggling to find wins. In the past 13 games, the Rays have gone 4-9 and seeing declines in their offensive production. Bryon Buxton is set to come back from injury tonight which will surely help the Twins generate some offense. First pitch tonight at Target Field is at 7:10. Source Intern Zach

Kepler hits three home runs in one game

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The Twins dodged a sweep by winning against the Cleveland Indians on Thursday night. This was mostly thanks to Max Kepler hitting three home runs during the game. The Twins have had 10 three home-run games in their history. The most recent three home run game was by  Eddie Rosario in June 2018.     Source Intern-Grace

Baseball Weather?

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For Minnesotans after this long winter filled with snow, the idea of the sun and seasonal warmth sounds incredibly rejuvenating! Maybe time to fly down and walk through the gates of Hammond Stadium and see the boys of summer in early action. Spring Training Baseball in Florida presents a stark contrast to the weather at home in March, historically the snowiest in Minnesota. Today Wednesday, February 13 the Twins Pitchers and Catchers report to training with full team workouts beginning on Monday, February 18. Now the fun part, baseball comes home to Minnesota, Target Field in 43 days. FORTY-THREE DAYS! As we shovel out [...]

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