Zierdt remembered as ‘pillar of the community’ following death from cancer at age 52

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"I think Jonathan actually defined the term, 'Pillar of the community.'" D.F.L. State Representative Jack Considine of Mankato was among the mourners wishing a fond farewell to former Greater Mankato Growth CEO Jonathan Zierdt at a memorial service Monday at Hosanna Lutheran Church. "When I first met him, I could not believe that somebody could be that positive and cheerful all of the time," Considine said, "But, son-of-a-gun, he was." Mankato D.F.L. State Representative Jack Considine. In addition to leading economic development across the region, Considine said Zierdt's creation of the Jonathan Zierdt Cancer Fund through the Mankato Area [...]

Brand accuses Senate GOP of foot dragging on legislation to address farmer suicides

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A greater Mankato area lawmaker is displeased with Senate Republicans. Democrat Minnesota State Representative Jeff Brand of St. Peter. "Unfortunately, it's politics as usual," said St. Peter DFL State Representative Jeff Brand. Brand said he believes said the G.O.P.-led chamber is dragging its feet on legislation, passed with urgency in the state House. "Like, for instance, mental health resources," he explained, "We passed out House file 232 a few weeks back, which allocates the money to hire a new Ted Matthews to go around the state to meet with farmers at the kitchen table." Matthews is a psychologist who [...]

Baseball Weather?

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For Minnesotans after this long winter filled with snow, the idea of the sun and seasonal warmth sounds incredibly rejuvenating! Maybe time to fly down and walk through the gates of Hammond Stadium and see the boys of summer in early action. Spring Training Baseball in Florida presents a stark contrast to the weather at home in March, historically the snowiest in Minnesota. Today Wednesday, February 13 the Twins Pitchers and Catchers report to training with full team workouts beginning on Monday, February 18. Now the fun part, baseball comes home to Minnesota, Target Field in 43 days. FORTY-THREE DAYS! As we shovel out [...]

New Sport

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The sports world is vast, with so many different people with different likes and skills making each sport unique. Competitions created to train and prove the capability to be part of a certain group, some developed sports can link back to early rituals and warfare turned entertainment. Lots of words basically saying, some sports are created out of necessity and then turned to entertainment. Which brings me to a new sport, soon to be an Olympic activity for Minnesotans to excel at... SNOW SHOVELING! Each match would consist of two-member teams using shovels to clear a determined length+width of a driveway with a [...]

Why No One Likes You

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Being from Wisco and staying there to play is one thing, but being from Minnesota and choosing to play in Wisco is cockamamy. Wisconsin guard, Brad Davison is the latter, during last night's Minnesota loss it appears Davison sticks out his leg under Gophers forward Jordan Murphy on a rebound trying to trip or injure him. See the video below. THIS IS WHY NO ONE LIKE YOU, BRAD! https://twitter.com/barstooltweetss/status/1093354801558159360?s=20

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