Last year we saw a red-on-red Super Bowl. This year, we thought we were going to see it again. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had the first pick to choose the uniform colors, and they decided on wearing white jerseys during Super Bowl LV. That means the Kansas City Chiefs will have to wear the exact same thing they wore last year (red jerseys and white pants) when they won Super Bowl LIV. Do uniform colors really matter? With NFL players superstitions – yes.

Before Super Bowl LIV, there has been no Super Bowl where both teams have the dominant color of red. Now it’s happening again for a second time. Rather than having the same storyline, the Buccaneers are switching it up.

People believe, the color red shows blood, passion, aggression, and activity.  A study made decades ago shows that athletes are more favored and viewed as more dominant while wearing red.

Mark Frank authored a study last year on the impact of jersey colors on sports. Frank stated that “It’s got a slight advantage, but on ill-timed fumble wipes out the advantage. One timed-ill pass. One arm being hit while thrown will probably override whatever advantage that will be” talking about the red jerseys during Super Bowl LV.

Did the Chiefs have an advantage wearing red against the 49ers? Tom Brady has had to take all of this into consideration, why did he choose to go against his advice and wear white? Maybe because the last time they played the Chiefs and lost back in week 12, they were wearing red jerseys and the chiefs wearing white. Statistically speaking, the Buccaneers have been more successful while wearing white jerseys as well. Meanwhile the Chiefs have gone 9-2 in red jerseys this year and 7-0 in white jerseys.

Do uniform colors really have this much meaning? I guess we will have to wait and see.