This year’s Super Bowl LV didn’t just end in Tom Brady receiving his 7th Super Bowl ring. In the 4th quarter, a man in a pink leotard jumped onto the field and ran towards the goal line while escaping security.

There was a rumor going on earlier in the week that this man bet on this stunt to win six figures. The guys name is Andrade and he bet $50,000 at +750 odds that there would be a streaker at Super Bowl LV, meaning he would cash out at $374,000. Andrade did have to face some jail time but his bail was only $500, which is pocket change compared to his rumored winnings.

While speaking to NBC 6 Andrade said “It was kind of spur of the moment, a little bit of liquid courage and adrenaline rush. It felt like I was skydiving, so I rushed the field. The first thing I wanted to do was kiss (Kansas City Chiefs QB) Pat Mahomes on the cheek.” He also claimed that this stunt was a bit cold while stating, “I threw my sweater on the floor, obviously to run so I only had was this G-string bikini, the cops thought it would be a funny joke to keep me in handcuffs so that I couldn’t adjust myself for about the first eight hours before I got transferred to the police station, where they were actually very kind and they were all laughing.”

Was the pink leotard on national tv worth the $374,000 for Andrade? I’m sure it was – and a funny story to tell.