Here’s a fun would-you-rather question for summer: On a 100-degree day, would you rather get a big whiff of a sweaty dude’s BODY ODOR . . . or a hot pile of GARBAGE?

A new poll asked people to name the worst smells of summer, and those two tied for first.

The summer smells we hate most are: Sweaty B.O. . . . hot trash . . . and lawnmower fumes.

The smells we LOVE most are: Barbecue . . . fresh-cut grass . . . and beach air. The smell of sunblock ranked high as well.

They also asked people to name the best and worst summer FLAVORS. Our favorites are lemonade . . . grilled food . . . and a tie for third between iced tea and watermelon.

Our least favorites include artificial fruit flavoring . . . potato salad . . . and lemonade. (???) So lemonade made both of those lists. And a surprising number of people hate potato salad.