Have you ever heard someone say that they LITERALLY had “beef” with someone?  The grammar police might have had a problem with you . . . until THIS lady came along.

A 27-year-old woman in Ohio named Maneka Gamer has pleaded no contest to disorderly conduct after getting into an altercation with a 37-year-old neighbor last year.  And they didn’t just argue.

Maneka was at a Walmart when she saw the neighbor, Precious Jackson.  They had a HISTORY . . . so Maneka flew into a rage and attacked Precious with the first thing she could grab . . . a 10-pound log of GROUND BEEF.

The fight went down in the potato chip aisle.  Maneka initially tried to SPIT on Precious, but when that missed, she reached into Precious’ cart . . . grabbed the $22 log of beef . . . and started clobbering Precious with it.

Precious survived the BEEFING . . . (sorry) . . . and Maneka was arrested at the scene.  She was just hit with a 30-day suspended jail sentence, plus probation, and $155 in fines.